AboutWryan Feil

Wryan Feil


In 1995 Wryan was first introduced to the Valley when he relocated from Southern NH for the summer.  While here he worked as an Au Paire to two boys living on Conway Lake.  In his free time, he learned to sail on the lake and ventured out to the local trails and attractions.  From here, Wryan left New Hampshire to pursue studies in California where he focused his attention on the Sciences.  While in California, he discovered he was a New Englander through and through and relocated to the North Shore of Massachusetts where he continued his college education.  Yearning for a bit more, Wryan left college in his junior year to spend time traveling and exploring the United States.  Shortly after his ‘great’ adventure, he joined the United States Navy.

Wryan served the Navy from 1999-2005.  Stationed in Groton, CT he served on a fast attack submarine as an Electrician’s Mate and boat’s diver.  In his free time, he frequently explored the great outdoors of CT with fellow shipmates and returned to NH to spend time with family and friends.  In 2002, he was reintroduced to the Valley when he and his parents invested in a property in Conway Village that they owned and operated as vacation rental for fifteen years

In 2005, Wryan left the Navy, relocated to NH, married his wife Holly, and began a successful career with a local utility company where his duties, responsibilities, and roles varied over the years.   Holly and Wryan have two daughters with whom they try to travel with to new destinations when the opportunities arise.  

In 2019, Wryan and Holly began establishing full time roots in the Valley where they invested in some properties that they currently own and manage.  Yearning for a lifestyle change, they relocated to the Valley in 2020 to make this their fulltime home and playground.  But this was only after they got to go on their ‘epic road trip’ with their two daughters exploring some of our Nation’s great National Parks.  Wryan is actively engaged in managing their current properties.  He joined RE/MAX Presidential in 2020 to share his knowledge of ownership and investing in real estate with others.  Currently in his free time, he is pursuing ‘red-lining’ the White Mountain National Guide.