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Margery MacDonald

Margery MacDonald


In 1970, after attending Springfield College, I came to New Hampshire to work for the summer and never left!!  The natural beauty, tranquil lifestyle, and the people became my life, and I decided to make the Mt. Washington Valley my home.  I began to work part-time in real estate while I received my master’s degree from the University of Southern Maine in Counseling. 


In 1976 I began to sell real estate full time and to use the skills that my education had taught me. Today, I live on Silver Lake in Madison with my husband Mac. Mac is a retired police officer who now spends his time maintaining our investment properties and being a very active grandfather. I am a member of the Madison Baptist Church and am on the Board for the Madison Food Pantry.  Mac and I have been active in mission work in Haiti, having served on teams comprised of people with expertise in medical, construction and education. We are proud to sponsor 2 young adults in Port au Prince, Haiti. Our children are grown.  Our oldest daughter, who has lived in Brazil, Sydney, Australia, and Copenhagen, Denmark moved back to the United States in 2014 and now lives down the street from us with her husband and eighteen year old daughter.  Our son, Matt, lives in New York City and is an artist working in the entertainment industry in production. Victoria, his wife, is a film editor.  They purchased their first home in the Bushwick area of Brooklyn and are loving home ownership.  Our second daughter, Heather, also, lives in Madison with her husband, Mark.  They have two children.  Nick graduated in 2019 from the University of New Haven in Connecticut, majored in marine biology and is working at the new Aquariun in Bartlett, NH. Paige is the mother of our two lovely great grandchildren Bailey and Connor. Our youngest daughter, Jennie, was a professional snowboarder and fore-ran the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympic Alpine Snowboard events. She has worked for ten years at the Fryeburg Veterinarian Clinic in Fryeburg, Maine and has a lovely and active seven year old daughter named Paxtin whom we have babysat one day a week since the day she was born.  It is our best day of the week!!! 


Two very important facts that I would like to share with you.  First, I am an identical twin!!  My sister Laurie has a PHD in Clinical Social Work and worked her career in the VA system.  She has received many awards for exceptional work in establishing and coordinating services for our veterans.  She and I are both cancer survivors and pride ourselves in making each day the best it can be.  We try to enjoy life to the fullest, working hard but always making time for our families, friends, and all that makes us happy. 

Second, my husband and I own a vacation home in the Port Charlotte/Englewood area of Florida and hope to slow down in the future living five months in Florida and seven months on Silver Lake. However, no matter how much time we spend in Florida, the White Mountains of New Hampshire will always be our home. I work as part of Team MacDonald & Hale. Jeana Hale and I have been friends for 25 years since I sold her a home.   She and I have worked together for 24 years.  d Jim Tremblay, a builder/remodeler and long term client,  came to work with us two years ago.  Jeana’s son Austin joined our team after he graduated from college last year.   They are wonderful assets to Jeana and I and to our buyers and sellers.  Today, we are the leading listing and selling team in Carroll County.  Call today and let us assist you with your real estate needs. Experience, knowledge and professionalism are what you will receive from Team MacDonald & Hale.  That is our reputation and you can count on it!!